As the neon lights of the city flicker in rhythmic synchrony with the pulsating beats of electronic pop music, one name emerges from the sonic landscape – Serge Louis. A trailblazing songwriter and electronic music producer of French/English descent, Louis is now bringing his innovative soundscapes, captivating melodies and powerful lyrical messages to the world around him.

With a family lineage covering western Europe, and a childhood spent growing up in south-east Asia, Serge’s early memories and recollections read as colourful, leftfield chapters of a ‘Lonely Planet’ guide. His journey into the world of music began at an early age as he immersed himself into the diverse sounds of 80s and 90s pop and electronic music. Depeche Mode, Daft Punk, Kraftwerk, Vangelis and The B-52s were early loves; but Serge has been known to take inspiration from anywhere.


Following his father’s love for music, he wrote his first compositions at the age of three and got his first synthesizer aged 7. He hasn’t looked back since… taking his instrument and creative spark to remote and unique locations all over the world… all with the desire to meet his own personal challenge: to create truly unique, powerful and infectious electronic pop music that combines his love for great songs with technical and emotional power.


His forthcoming debut EP ‘Humans’ aims to fulfil that goal. Seamlessly blending elements of pop, electronica and synthwave, ‘Humans’ is a mesmerizing journey showcasing Louis’s prowess in crafting emotive soundscapes that resonate with listeners on a visceral level. It is not merely a collection of beats and synths; it’s a journey through the highs and lows of human experience.

In an era where electronic music can sometimes be dismissed as formulaic, Serge Louis’s commitment to authenticity, innovation, and emotional depth sets him apart as a producer and songwriter. And as he continues to evolve and experiment with his sound, exciting new collaborations and projects will be realised, all combining Serge’s love for melody, powerful social messages and cutting-edge production techniques.


In the neon-lit realm of electronic pop, Serge Louis is not just a name; he is a sonic architect, weaving dreams and emotions through the intricate threads of his music. And with a unique existence forming a character that knows that there is nothing to be feared, and everything to be explored, Serge is embarking on a new chapter of an incredible musical journey. And everyone is invited.